• End-to-end expertise in designing and building systems and data processes
  • Knowledge transfer in applying AI to your problems.
  • Public speaking. See recent conference slides
  • Critique and advice on scaling, architecture, productisation
  • Assessing technology's fitness for business purpose
  • Design breakthrough and market exit readiness
  • Startup and large companies, including 'virtual CTO' services

How can we help you?

Our Services

End-to-End Systems

We undertake and advise on large end-to-end system design. From hardware and sensors to big data analysis.

Data Science

Data wrangling, processing, analysis, machine learning and visualisation as advice or a service.

Internet Of Things

From hands-on sensor and LoRa node hardware and firmware design to back-end big data processing.


We specialise in the practical deployment of current techniques for AI within larger solutions for results today.

Supporting Startup

Come talk to us. Tea and cake buys a couple of hours advice. We will help you get things right first time, or as 'virtual CTO'.

Pathfinder Development

We love short projects to prove what can be done. We have soldered hardware, prototyped databases with AI, and built mobile apps and web.

Merger and Acquisition

Technical due diligence as a service for investors & acquirers, and exit readiness for sellers. Assessing whether the technology supports the business. Clear conclusions for non-technical audience.

Software Operability

We know how to build, and have built and deployed software that really is 99.9% or 99.999% reliable, and operable, and resilient. Ask us how.

How do we work?

If you think we can help, contact us.

We will (if practical) arrange to meet and chat.
Face to face works much better than electronic. No fee at this stage.

We’ll talk about your issues for an hour or two – both immediate and any context.
In many cases we will come up with an outline solution at this stage. Still no fee.

For up to half a day, we will work with you. Still no fee.

We’ll discuss whether we can help you, and how
(we may be embedded in your team.
We can provide a few days focussed effort, or long term low level mentoring). Still no fee.

We’ll agree terms if we want to carry on working together.

About Us

Mandrel Systems is a long-standing, boutique Cambridge engineering company originally formed in 1999 with a focus on processing difficult real world data. We expanded to develop our edge in understanding big systems end-to-end. Some of our solutions use leading edge technology, others revive and update techniques from 40 years ago. We apply intelligent processing to turn data into useful information. We design systems that work, and keep on working. Recent markets include Building Management, Healthcare, Insurance.

We are currently working on projects for Digital Transformation incorporating AI, and IoT in Environmental Optimisation.



  • We will deal honestly with you, and we assume the same in return.
  • We will respect your confidentiality, with or without an NDA
  • We don't take work where it's longer to negotiate a contract than to do the job.
  • We aim to balance commercial work with ‘giving back’. >25% of our work is free.
  • We love to learn new technologies and applications.
  • We don't charge you for our learning time.

Contact Us

  • Email:
  • Phone: +44 1954 210080
  • Find us at Eagle Labs in Cambridge. Please call first.
  • Registered Address: 3 Clare Drive, Highfields Caldecote, Cambridge, CB23 7UY, UK
  • Company Reg: 3699427
  • VAT: GB 718 0762 33